Dr. Kaltham Kayaf

Position: Director of National Laboratories Department, Ministry of Climate Change
Categories: Speakers 2022

The first Pharmacist who joint the animal Health field since more than 10years.

Currently the acting Director of National Laboratories Department, Ministry of Climate Change and


Have held  several positions in the past  9 years : head of the veterinary technical committee for veterinary licenses in UAE ,Head of the technical committee of Veterinary products,  UAE delegate in the GCC Animal wealth committee, UAE Focal point for Animal Health and veterinary products to the international organization for animal Health (OIE), UAE Focal point in Focal point in Antimicrobial resistance in the animal field (FAO- WHO) and Member of national committee of implementation of the international health regulation IHR and Pandemic.

Currently, OIE delegate for UAE


The Main Achievements:

The Halalna initiative, where a new work method has been set up, where enforcing the human resources of all the emirates in one day to target one emirates to implement the national immunization program that aims to standardize the type and time of vaccination in all Emirates and maximize the benefit from this the program.

proposed national policies and plans, including the National Animal Health Plan, which was adopted in 2016, which works to eliminate the 4 most important animal diseases of economic priority and contribute to achieving food security

Qualifying and developing UAE National and qualifying them for the labor market.